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churrosavenger's Journal

22 August 1989
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{ Name }
Jennifer Marie Wartick
{ Birth }
August 22, 1989, Somewhere Near Subic Bay Naval Base or Olongopo City Cubi Point, Philippines
{ Gender }
{ Attends }
University of California Berkeley
You tell the whole damn world that this is BEAR TERRITORY!


{ delight } Miyavi, Winter, reading, music, internship, The City, food, cleaning, ABA, current events, Haas

{ misery } excessively energetic fan[gender]s, California weather, clutter, disrespect, the Future, unforgiving grading curves


{ Allie }
Oh geez, why am I still typing, you've died from a heat stroke.

'Here lies dear Jenny. I've known her since I was unable to ride my barbie bike or climb a tree. We've done everything from camping in the woods to watching our hero, Sailor Moon.'

I'll get ya back, soon.........

-Is Under Construction-

[edited: November 10, 2007]