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17 October 2009 @ 08:25 pm
I found my journal today. The one I started right before Christmas of '06. Hand written journal, that is. Lovely how my first entry was about how terrible the Christmas season had started off. Hahahahaaaa!

Anywho, it really made me want to start writing again. Which is really a very good idea simply because I've become terrible at spelling. Having taken mostly business, foreign language, and econ classes the past year and a half I've only had to write maybe three 10 page papers.

One of which was last week and, um, I'm pretty sure my spell check considered disowning me.

Also a little worried by the fact that the more I study French the more I end up instead reviewing Japanese on the weekends. Which is odd because I'm really loving French. A lot. I just miss Japanese a lot more?


Spoke to my parents about it and they're a little lot disappointed that, instead of taking my lovely Berkeley degree to get me a fancy job, I'd very much rather do a 1-2 year stint in some rural area of Japan making ~$38,000 a year. WHICH ACTUALLY APPARENTLY, some non-tenured profs at Berkeley barely make. They've gotten over it though. Because, really, they can't really do much about it anyways.
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21 June 2009 @ 12:36 am
Have a bit more planned this summer than expected. Do hope I actually get through it all!

Julia came back from Thailand and brought a bunch of goodies from Japan too. Including The Prisoner of Azkaban in Japanese, VERY EXCITED!

Hopefully this will be the summer where I actually Do Stuff.
-fingers crossed-
15 May 2009 @ 02:37 am
So I taught Julia how to use torrents and whatnot. &then we found out that demonoid has a nice collection of American shows/movies dubbed in Italian.

So she's been watching this vampire show and everytime I listen in I keep hearing 'bambino. Bambino' (which, I thought meant baby, but actually means little boy). I finally confront her, concerned that this show was about baby-eating vampires. Apparently, the Italian word for vampire is 'vampiro' which sounds an awful lot like 'bambino'<-IT DOES.

I was disappointed.

I should really learn how to cook something that isn't baked macaroni and cheese.
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14 May 2009 @ 11:34 pm
I've never really been a big fan of the Beastie Boys (other than a song here & there, maybe?)

But I've listened to "Sabotage" like, 5 times in the past hour. &Yes. It has everything to do with Star Trek.

On a completely different note that doesn't involve Star Trek:

If I had my own stable household/family, I would totally get him:

What a gorgeous dog! But I wouldn't be able to be as attentive as necessary for a deaf dog =/
This shelter is killing me. There is something about Jojo's face that I love and Benny really looks like he needs a hug.

And then there are these puppies: http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=13722679

firstoff: I'd hate to separate them =/
second : they have the 'no kids' symbol.

WHY can't someone just drop an adorable young dog that is good with babies, other dogs, with minimal shedding, likes car rides, and (preferably) has reddish brown coloring into my lap?

Oh Gallifrey, how hard you are to find!

I love how my parents are letting me get MY OWN dog yet it's taking me forever to find one.
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13 May 2009 @ 10:29 pm
The kitchen is not completely disgusting anymore so unexpected guests are now welcome!
Awkwardness like this will no longer be a part of my life:

manager: HAY GUYS! We're showing your apartment today!
us: uhmm shit.
me: well, this is the kitchen door and inside is a kitchen that looks like a kitchen, aaand since we all know what a kitchen looks like we'll just... y'know, not look in there.
roomie: oh yes! let's go stand in the closet because that's not the kitchen.
Manager: errr didn't you guys get the notice?
me: yeahhhh we though that was y'know, for the bathtub that's clogged
roomie: OH YEAH BYTHEBY! The shower looks like a shower sooo, let's not open the shower curtains kay?thanks.

Also, I wonder if we should've tried to explain why we have a picture of a goat taped up in our bathroom.
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04 May 2009 @ 09:15 am
I've been using Twitter.
I never really understood why people used it, but I always liked facebook status updates and, well, facebook isn't twitter so constant status updates are kind of spammy.

I'm meeting up with Julian to practice for our Japanese Conversation test tomorrow morning. Kinda bummed that we're going first,but at least that means that after 9:20am tomorrow morning I have the rest of the week to study for the first part of the final (which is on Friday).

You know what else is on Friday?

STAR TREK!! Kel is making a trip up to Berkeley to see it with me =]
Hopefully Julia and I will be able to contain ourselves.
...which is highly unlikely in any scene with little Spock (who looks absolutely adorable in the trailers). Sure, we saw little Spock in Star Trek III, but he was pon farring like, every 7 minutes. That was really awkward and needs to not happen ever again.

Neil Patrick Harris was at the premier & that makes me happy. Though he might've just been there to support John Cho, buuuut whatevs, still happened.
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09 April 2009 @ 05:22 pm
What is up with Captain Kirk's shirt ripping apart at his right shoulder in practically every fight he gets in? FOR REALS. As Julia said "Design flaw much?"

Okay, you have a manly right shoulder we totes get it! His shirt getting ripped in most of his fights wouldn't be nearly as ridiculous if it didn't rip in the same place at least half of the time.

&Spock's shade of green/yellow seems to vary. Also, Zachary Quinto was a fantastic pick for the movie. && I TOTALLY THOUGHT JOHN CHO WAS PLAYING A BAD-GUY OF SORTS! I didn't realize he was going to be Sulu =O

Julia and I have estimated that we have about 90 hours free (&together) to watch the remaining 54 episodes of The Original Series within the next two weeks. We really just rationed out our hours you guys. Really, we did. (I have 10 hours to write my 10 page paper, hahaha)

Congratulations to Takamasa Ishihara (aka Miyavi <3) (&melody.)for his new company, marriage, and future child. It's amazing to see how far he's come in the past 9-10 years and it's really unfortunate that he felt any need to apologize to his fans for all the drama that's been going on surrounding the whole thing.
In all honesty, I'm truly happy to officially hear the news because he'll probably make an awesome father and I know that, for a while, he seemed to not have any intentions of starting a family.

Best of Luck to you.
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26 March 2009 @ 03:36 pm

I think my parents are starting to regret the whole 'Hey Daughter. Move back okay?' thing because apparently I leave wire nests (I didn't realize I had so much shit to plug in) everywhere I go and once I set up camp. I SET UP CAMP.

But being here this week made me realize how much I'm okay moving back. I've known what hours my parents have been working, but I never realized that it meant William was in school by the time they woke up, they were at work by the time he was back from school, and he was asleep by the time they came home. WHO IS RAISING MY BROTHER?

Did I mention he's going to be in high school? ALSO he is almost as tall/er than me. It's unacceptable.

&&he's turned out to be a really good kid. The thought of being able to give him a good high school experience is enough to make me want to move back seeing as how he can't actually do shit outside of school with how isolated our neighborhood is since no one can drive him anywhere (&you know other stuff like being able to get my future dog Gallifrey and blue car The Tardis).

Wes and I are going to completely give my room a makeover once I move back this summer. So any recommendations on where to look for cute room stuff would be much appreciated <3
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22 March 2009 @ 11:36 pm
SO! I'm watching the Jdrama Love Shuffle and I'm probably the only person who became ridiculously giddy when I heard Tristan Prettyman playing in the background in Episode 5.

&& I actully did take a picture today, but I forgot the wires for the camera back in Berkeley, we'll see how this works out this week.
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20 March 2009 @ 04:46 pm
Haha I've obviously stuck to my 'pic-a-day' decision.

Because, you know, I actually have taken photos, at least.

width="250" height="200"

This is in front of Dwinelle. I really do love my campus. Which means I'll probably be posting a lot of pictures of campus/lecture halls/people...

EXCEPT! I'm going home tomorrow so I guess you'll get a break from Berkeley for the next week (assuming I can actually stay on a regular updating schedule).

I really like this mashup of the Killers and the Arctic Monkeys. I think it has to do with how much I love the bass line for 'When The Sun Goes Down'.
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